Hear from our families.

"Fantastic setting, warm and friendly staff, great fun learning ethos. My eldest daughter loves it and my youngest can't wait to start!"

"My child has grown so much in confidence since attending and goes into the setting well and is always excited to attend"

"Little Learners provides a safe, fun and educational setting for children. It’s a very caring setting and because of this the children feel loved and secure."

"You made my child feel comfortable and welcome from the start, and gave us confidence that he would be ok which made it easier for us to bring him there. Your approach is so lovely and we couldn’t ask for anything better."

"All the workers are mum’s themselves and have a great maternal instinct and Create great bonds with the children, not one member of staff strikes me as if they don’t enjoy their job."

"My boys get excited about coming into preschool every day and talk about their key workers like they are family."

"I love how your so relaxed you love outdoor play and your just so caring and there for big cuddles! Thank you so much."


Ofsted 2019

"Children are happy, confident and comfortable in their surroundings. They develop strong attachments with their key person. Children are well behaved and staff are good role models, praising children's efforts and offering timely reminders about sharing and taking turns."

"Staff provide a welcoming environment where children are able to explore and investigate the world around them. Children are highly motivated and enjoy being at the setting."